Canvass Ah Di New Talk

These lyrics came through inspiration after taking a trip to the cool hills of St Ann and encountering some…opposition.  I plan to return, but this time I will take some company to make my journey less combative…any similarities to an actual person or character is merely….coincidence.  Enjoy :

“Ah me run di place round about ’74, Dem waa tek mi space, mi run di floor, Work hard inna dis, ah mi buil’ di ting,   A nuh fast food, dis a nuh Burger King, Talk all yuh want and chat a bag ah tings, Gwey wid dat, cyaa war wid onion rings, Mi yuh really waa try fi heckle inna dis?Yuh waa bet mi turn Dr Jekyll inna dis?Bag ah chat, yuh cyaa mash up nutten, Mi a behave so nuh try press mi button, 

Si now yuh mek mi talk bout Denmark, Try yuh bes’ nuh test or mek mi get dark, Di las one talk bout di youts and ah cuss, Yuh nuh si how mi trow dat unda di bus?Memba di one weh sport di dreadlocks?Run off him mout, shuda get two box, Pretty looks dun and mi nuh get none, Mi will mek king queen run up an dung, Bigga dan you try fi rail up and ah vent, Waa bet seh yuh haffi tun independent?

Weh yuh really murmur and ah bet seh?Tink nobody trouble mi an eva get weh? Unoo vex when mi call a spade a spade, Nuh bwoy or gyal cyaa eva mek mi’fraid, Represent di baddest place on di planet, Try memba dat, yuh betta undastan it, Ah try frighten mi wid di bag ah badman, Waa mi mash up dis rassclaat St Ann?Unoo hype wid di crew and get haunted, Next time yuh will see who is wanted, 

Seems di place turn inna ah shark zone, If ah war nex’ time mi nah walk alone, Mi ah load up mi van full ah canvass, Spen’ ten grand and buy di don gas, ‘Bout fifteen tough soldier and a bad Ras, Fourteen tall up and nuh lef di bad lass, Yuh si when unoo try all dem madness?Unoo lucky mi nah defend nuh badness, Nex time watch how yuh step an walk, Unoo soon kno canvass ah di new talk!”

Rodney S. O. Campbell 


Where Is My Father?


When a man gets a job it is supposedly on the basis that he’s qualified and competent…or that he’s expected to gain experience “on the job”.  Many ads ask for persons with “x years of experience…” and we ask how some are expected to gain said expertise if they can’t get a chance to prove their worth.  The other aspect of this job is the “role”.   It is popularly described as “job description”.  Now here’s the thing.  A man gets a “job” with little or no experience and a “job description” that has never been given to him…with the expectation that he’ll perform at optimum and realise the mandate.  Hardly a chance.  Men who become fathers are given that mammoth, insurmountable mountain of responsibility, but let’s really be honest…if we can…and look at it practically and realistically.  Let’s use the working world philosophy in a simplistic analogy with woman as employer, man as employee and child as ‘the job’.

Terms of Employment
Some men get what is known as “one day work” and simply show up, do the work and that is that.  A few might be fortunate enough to get a ‘call back’, but most will simply move on to the next available opportunity without having established any ties or obligations to the former employer.  On reflection the employer might wish to make contact with a full time offer, as a job has been created.  Unfortunately, lots of those offers will be turned down for various reasons, but the employer should be well aware when hiring one day workers of the possible return rate…or should’ve ensured as best as possible that a one day worker not be allowed to have access to sensitive areas of work.  My advice to employers?  Remember at all times the serious nature of the work involved and avoid taking a casual approach to hiring…you cannot hire a one day worker and simply expect that he’s prepared or even willing to take on a full time job.

Some men get hired on a contract basis …and of course these agreements differ dependent on what kind of work the employer requires and what the qualifications and competence levels of the employee.  There are short term contracts with an expiration date that comes almost as soon as the work begins.  Some contracts go for a longer period of let’s say a year…the chance of full time employment is much higher there, as employers get a chance to see all the potential and assess the employee as an asset to the company.  However, clauses abound to ensure that at any point during said contracts the employer can terminate services with immediate effect for a multiplicity of reasons.  The employee also has a few loopholes afforded to him to withdraw if he so desires.  Of course there is always a possibility for renewal/extension of a contract, but it is advisable to notify the employee before the period ends…one never knows if an employee might have already taken on a new contract, or better yet, agreed to employment overseas.  Advice to employers?  When you offer contract work anywhere from three (3) months to a year, be in constant dialogue with your employee to ensure he doesn’t plan to use the exit clause and catch you off guard….simultaneously, you should keep the employee abreast of how you view his tenure thus far, especially if you plan to terminate the contract without notice.  By the way, having terminated the contract and firing the employee, it would be most unusual to attempt rehiring former employee to take care of the job.  Remember, “your services are no longer required and we wish you the best in all future endeavours” are not words meant to be temporary emotional utterances.  You can’t simply hire someone for an extended period based on an emotional whim, dismiss them on the same premise, but expect them to readily run back to you because a full time job has been created.  Maybe you need to take your jobs more seriously.

Some men get hired to do behind the scenes contract…work unseen, unknown, come and go.  In many instances the employer has benefited significantly from having this worker, with results upfront proving to be quite profitable.  Many times the employer is given all the credit for an excellent profile and business management skills as an independent business owner.  However, a significant part of this profile is due largely to the employee, who for one reason or another, might not fit the public profile of the employer or is already aligned to another company….so the employee is pretty much a secret weapon from behind.  This scenario might suit the employer just fine until the moment the employee insists on greater exposure or simply resigns because he is not prepared to remain in the shadows…or the demands of his other employer becomes overwhelming.  But if an employer is comfortable having a phantom employee who is never seen or heard, then the same must be expected of the employee.  Things can change in an orgasmic moment of opportunity.  Suddenly you get a job for a lifetime and expect the invisible employee to jump at an opportunity to step forward?  Some might see it as a moment of validation or acceptance, while others might stick to being labelled ‘secret’.  Some people enjoy the title “self employed and independent” in the public eye until the moment the big job comes along and everyone is shocked to realise there is no employee to be seen.  Obviously, they couldn’t have acquired this job alone, though convincing everyone that they’ve been working by themselves all this time.  Advice to employers?  If someone isn’t good enough to put in the front of your business, maybe you shouldn’t have employed them in the first place…it isn’t their fault they failed to step to the front after a long time…you insisted they stay in the back.

Some men get hired but are eventually in a fraud job contract otherwise called a jacket contract.  This is actually a significant part of why so many jobs have employers and many employees are missing…although many employees stay knowing their jobs are frauds.  Jamaica has the HIGHEST RATE IN THE WORLD FOR FRAUD JOB (JACKET) CONTRACTS.  The statistics show that in this country ONE IN EVERY THREE is a fraud job.  Now this is not only a significant statement about employers, but an even more damning situation for all the jobs that exist.  What is even more depressing is the rate at which employers in Jamaica curse their male employees as worthless, deadbeat and non contributory when so many have been offering fraud jobs.  The statistics also show that Jamaica is almost on par with many developed countries for employees who do well on the job or try to get the job done right.  The figures for non existent employees who have avoided the job from day one is about thirty (30) percent.  It would be interesting to ascertain whether some of the dysfunctional numbers also fall into the fraud job category.  The Jamaican group of employers has always avoided discussing this and other factors mentioned prior in a full, frank and honest way, and instead seek to make it appear insignificant to further their cause and agenda of “missing employees”.  Clearly that has done nothing for the present state of the job market and will continue to see the consistent increase in fraud job and other types of contracts.

Put Children First
Being a father is a multi-level, multidimensional form with a myriad of issues and no established and set formula.  Many fathers have to face many different situations from the ideal to the idiotic all the way to the impossible.  Is there one way to discipline a child?  No.  Is there one way to love someone or to make love or to grow a plant or to play a game of football?  No.  Is there a tried, tested and proven manual for a man to read and follow which guarantees he will become an excellent father?  No.  One of the things many forget is that it doesn’t take a man to make or raise a child.  As such, the women involved also have a part to play in how things evolve.  The relationships between men and women before, during and after a child is in the picture are all integral parts of how things develop.  Separation of couples for example can be as smooth as oil on a child or as caustic and toxic as rare poison.  Can we look at men and determine that what they do with/for their children is inadequate because of what WE think it should be?  How can the richest and the poorest man both be judged as “great fathers” if we say money and material provision is the greatest thing a man must do for a child?

Can we say that a man who can fully provide for his children is a better father than a man who can’t?  If the great provider isn’t a man whose children can call for any reason, at any time or he can’t take the time to teach life lessons or give a listening ear….is he a better father because his cheque book is going good?  If a man is no longer with the mother of his child does that now make him less than a father because he doesn’t live in the same house? Should we say men who have lived and worked overseas for many years without physically seeing their children are less than fathers who live at home?

All the great men I know who have been hailed as great fathers were fathers to many of us, not just their own children.  Their wisdom, time, teachings, and influence made us treasure them more than anything else.  I still can’t remember them buying any of us gifts.  I never had my father around and taught myself to do many things on my own, in spite of a forest full of father figures.  Ironically, most of my friends with fathers at home had to learn by the same route and in several instances, we were taught by each other.  Some of the most dysfunctional homes I know had father and mother living at home, which told me my existence wasn’t degraded or devalued because my father was never there.  One of the men whose children all declare him ‘Father of the Century” is a man who I grew up admiring as a great, but humble man.  He never had a dollar to give a soul, but he gave of himself.  Their mother cursed him daily while the children were on the way to see him and upon their return.  One thing is sure….those it mattered to most made the most of him and I was honoured to be a part of that experience. 

We all talk about the roles of fathers…the roles we impose on them according to what is dictated by one authority or another…most of us got the jobs without a job description or experience.  Most of us followed what we saw or mainly what we imagined based on our own experiences.  All these things vary based on life as it unfolds with a partner or in our own settings, while we hope for the best.  Many judges have come from humble beginnings, many criminals from affluence.  Has a poor father been the reason for his son’s success? Has a rich man been the reason for his son’s failure?  What is a ‘good’ father and who determines that?  The women who bear these children?  The society that sees these children?  The experts who view these children?  The children who have been conditioned to condemn themselves?  I know many great fathers who have been sold as rubbish by the mothers of their children, while the children say otherwise.  So what or who is a ‘good’ father?

Fathers help to create a positive foundation for children to one day stand a live on their own.  We cannot be the foundation for life or they will never be able to stand.  We cannot create a foundation all by ourselves.  The more we accept that it takes several people to raise a child the more we realise fathers are not Superman….it’s just good if we’re seen that way.  The more we decide to bury the spirit, value and relevance of fatherhood while making excuses for its validity, is the harder we make it for more men to rise up.  The more we devalue boys is the more men of challenged import we create.  Let us decide that instead of always finding one hundred (100) reasons for tearing down fathers we find one (1) reason to applaud them.  The more good we find and highlight might be the less we find to curse and berate.  To those women who keep flying the fabled and fictitious flag that the “Jamaican man makes children and cuts”, slow down for a minute.  While you say that, make a list of all the men you know who in your opinion are reasonably good, good or great fathers.  I suspect you’ll find there are many you know personally or are familiar with….so how true can your statement be?  It is also time for more women to self analyse and be very honest with themselves and each other.  Jamaican women CANNOT continue to throw men and fathers under the bus, while ignoring the fact that one (1) out of every three (3) children in Jamaica is likely to be a “jacket”…that means one (1) of every three (3) men is a victim of paternity fraud, the highest stats in the world….Nigeria is at number two (2).

We all need to make better choices for ourselves and hopefully those choices will lead to better lives especially if and when children become a part of the equation.  Meanwhile, I encourage all men who have tried, are trying, are doing well as fathers…just keep trying.  You might falter, fall flat, rise and soar like an eagle, have those moments of ups and downs…just keep trying.  Life can throw many a curved ball, so as men let us not also join in tearing down other men…you never know what life can dish you at any moment…richer, poorer, sickness, health, better….or worse.  But a philosophy I give freely to pass on to your children: “Remember what I taught you, not what I bought you…it stands the test of time and beyond” – RSOC

Rodney S. O. Campbell

Integrity Trumps Everything – Resign


We have long been fooled by the idea that public servants who often appear in public and in some instances seem knowledgeable are also competent and even likeable.  Many have been called “good performers” not because of results, but the regularity of media appearances and use of much jumbled jargon works on the psyche of the average man.  However, there is an arrogance which tends to creep within if left unchecked.  This ravaging personality weed will run through the cracks and reveal exactly what truly exists.  So for this moment of reading let’s dismiss the bullshit usually afforded certain persons we rate, regard or respect for being likeable…as a matter of fact, let’s throw their competencies through the window…and look at their integrity.

Public Health’s Biggest Problem
The sector has been far below par for the quality and skills of many in the profession with many playing the part of magician with decades of inadequate provisions for the public and said practitioners…so let’s stop the bullshit about ” JLP no user fees brought the sector to where it’s at”…rubbish.  The public health sector has lacked integrity from those in charge for far too long, money has not been managed and spent right, politics has been chained to the ultimate goals, and like so many other things, it has been worse with a paint job.  Those who wish to be in denial about how much politics has trumped proper public health are simply just dishonest.  Those who have been appointed merely because of politics and have failed consistently to place health care performance over partisan politics are the main players in the problems. 

A mechanic who spends his money buying drinks and not tools will soon find his garage filled with cars that he can’t repair.  It doesn’t matter at that stage if he is a good mechanic or not, what is sure is that he can’t manage a garage and it will fall into disrepair and disrepute sooner than later.  It will make sense to him to find every excuse and blame every man possible but himself, but the truth will show eventually.  His personal competence is not the problem…he lacks integrity to either get it done right or admit he’s full of shit and unfit for the post.  While his garage overflows with cars and more customers complain about shoddy work he blames the former owner of the garage and his workmen…although his sign says, “Tom’s Garage..we’re the best you’ll forget the rest”.

In my opinion Fenton Ferguson is incompetent, but he is also being undermined by those who are supposedly competent, but more concerned with the PNP and keeping that group smooth than making public health care their priority.  As such, if Ferguson even had the capacity to be a great minister he would have to shed the political paperweights to perform properly.  Sadly, he doesn’t have that clout or ability as their postings are far above his pay grade.  What the minister should do is resign.  IF he has ANY integrity at all there should be no reason for the prime minister to intervene.  However, I know he’s in a pickle because resigning as a minister in the face of all that has happened under his watch doesn’t smell sweet for his chances to retain the member of Parliament seat.  But integrity should dictate that in the case of Ferguson his character and conscience should no longer be chained to party, power or politics.  In the name of your integrity RESIGN NOW SIR.

The eternal face of the Ministry of Health and now made chief medical officer Marion Bullock DuCasse has no reason whatsoever to remain in the position.  Actually she leave the ministry altogether though we are quite aware that her leaving really depends on when she so chooses…if she wishes to deny her political connections that is fine, and if she wishes to list her varied competencies, that is also fine.  But this is not about whether she is competent on paper or projects.  This is about whether after all this time she has shown ANY ability to have credibility or even competence as CMO…we still recall Chick-V, Ebola threats, Riverton fire, Zhik-V, EIGHTEEN babies…and I think the number is much higher since we’ve learnt we CANNOT TRUST the utterances of the Ministry of Health.  She needs to forget her tenure, connections, competence, and let her integrity reign instead.  In the name of your integrity RESIGN NOW MA’AM.

Dr Kevin Harvey cannot be spared the chopping block.  He has proven during his short stint as permanent secretary that he is unworthy of the position.  This is not about ego and thin-skinned emotions, coupled with an inability to publicly relate in ways we would expect of such senior sorts.  If the PS is a complete ass then I doubt very much the minister simply looks stupid on his own…he’s got a lot of help.  If a minister tells you he heard of a serious bacterial outbreak in two major hospitals the same time the public was made aware…long after the fact and eighteen dead babies later…I expect some bags should’ve been packed and ready with desk spaces made readily available.  In Jamaica we accept bullshit from public officials, some we elect, and pay all from our pockets, but we think we deserve to be treated like field slaves because we are led by house slaves.  Well since we don’t have what it takes to be united against bullshit and prefer to swallow political shit, then Dr Harvey in the name of your integrity RESIGN NOW SIR.  I would also ask all the others who are political pawns, part, parcel and party to all the bullshit that helps to undermine the public health sector to resign and go find your benefits in private health care or just fuck off completely… this country cannot afford the burden of shitty public health care.

While we rap the sheet of integrity in public life let us recall that many on the NHT board didn’t get the integrity memo.  I wonder if Christopher Tufton, another man deemed likeable and right, has seen the integrity memo…he would do well to reflect on some things he’s done and been used to make happen… all failing unfortunately.  I wonder if AJ Nicholson has seen the integrity memo and passed it on to Floyd Morris to take a read.  I wonder if Omar Davies has listened to recordings of his boasts of destroying Jamaica in the name of the PNP and checked his integrity.  I wonder if Trevor Munroe has merely just had an about turn in his own mind and is simply swimming in the sea of integrity… these days.  I wonder if Sandrea Falconer simply believes it is the media that must be blamed if people find her integrity to be less than credible…maybe she hasn’t read the memo in a while.  And finally I wonder if the prime minister remembers all or even some of her commitments and promises to hold integrity over the heads of all under her watch.  It seems the prime minister has misplaced her copy of the memo and is making the mistake Michael Manley made of allowing his ministers to “run tings” hoping they have read the integrity memo or even subscribe to its dictates.

I require one hundred times more of my government than I do of my opposition for simple and very basic reasons….THEY ARE IN CHARGE…so I refuse to get caught up in spending all the time berating those who want to lead while excusing those who do.  I demand good governance and not because I want it only for my benefit, but if the country is sinking it is little time before I will be drowning under crime, unemployment, dismal public health, inefficient policing, unaffordable housing and inadequate socio-economic benefits.  It is all well and good to think some of us are above the fray, but living with thirty forms of security just to feel safe in a home? Seems we also forget how ALL of us rich, poor and middle had to deal with Chick-V?  We all stood in the same pharmacies, took children to the same Bustamante Children’s Hospital via bus, taxi and Prado to sit on the same benches and bawl?
While some might curse the prime minister for being silent and uninvolved while the nation is faced with all this drama, I firmly believe that if any of these persons had even a shred of integrity there would be no reason to even ask that they be fired.  However, it seems a lack of integrity is now a leading part of a political résumé.  Sad.  The mere fact that integrity is so badly missing should show just why so many things are just run so wrong and not right.

Note:  Dr Alfred Dawes former president of the Jamaica Medical Doctors Association has been trying hard to use diplomacy and tact in the face of well known undermining since he decided to publicly show what the ministry of health likes to deny or deflect.  Well it is what it is and I hoped upon exit he would’ve maintained the testosterone to speak his mind.  I still applaud what he has done since many would never dare walk that road.  I wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

Rodney S. O. Campbell ©

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PJ’s Letter – A Convenient Cuss Out


The average Jamaican seems to believe that any utterance or writing from former prime minister Percival Noel James Patterson is good as gospel…well…for those who subscribe to things gospel.  His recent letter to British prime minister David Cameron should find the Brit somewhere between wincing and a wry grin for the somewhat direct, but backward suggestions.  Add to that the fact that the man who won the most elections in Jamaica hasn’t quite grasped the philosophy of giving apologies as he has for requesting them and seems to take convenient comfort in things British… while seeking to do away with some politically viable elements.

The Frozen Past

According to Patterson, “Contrary to your view the Caribbean people will never emerge completely from the “long, dark shadow..” of slavery until there is full confession of guilt by those who committed this evil atrocity”.  There are things to challenge from this great academic.

1) Am I to honestly label David Cameron or any other member of his government “…those who committed this evil atrocity..”?  I doubt very much there are slaveowners in the Parliament who can admit to guilt, so I wonder if all white Brits today must be regarded as guilty of the act of slavery and be expected to make a “full confession”.  I suspect Patterson was thinking in a different mind when he wrote these words.

2) The belief by our former PM that the “Caribbean people will never emerge completely” from this dark period in history suggests that an apology from Cameron would set us on the path to ending our regionally divisive circumstances.  Well great Sir, I doubt an apology from any quarters will serve to diminish how we exist within the region.  If after all that has been done politically (and supposedly economically) to bridge the gaps has failed miserably… including the very Caricom in which you played an innings…then it seems the answer to all that lies in the Brits offering an apology for slavery.  This region has done itself an injustice for generations to come by its inability to join together as a powerhouse on the world stage because of many things…slavery would be but the tip.  I guess Germany has managed to still recall and remember the Holocaust while having a decent economy instead of being shackled to their horrific past.

3) Isn’t ironic or even hypocritical that since our independence many who wish to highlight the dark history and stain of the British have also managed to enjoy so many things from said Brits?  The same PJ Patterson who has made no qualms about blackness and the need to sever so many ties with the British still carries the title “Queen’s Counsel”, a title you can refuse by the way.  Also there was no issue with not only having the title “Honourable”, but stepping it up to “Most Honourable”, which I’m sure all can research and see where those titles abound and are shackled …not sounding like a man intent on severing ties with the colonial masters hmmm?

4) As for doing away with the Queen, Governor General, Privy Council and joining the CCJ…are all these things aimed at making Jamaica better or just making sure to cut ties to the colonial masters? Is it so we can “manage our own affairs quite well” and it is time to end it all OR is this yet another attempt to merely strike a sweet political note about white man vs black man?  Should a country make these decisions based merely on “black man time now”?  Well I suspect that’s exactly what we did when we decided on independence, instead of looking at readiness and national interest.  Clearly in this Jamaica 2015 the issue of “dash weh di white man” solely and mainly because he’s white and we’re black still works.  Wonder of some will start by ridding themselves of the shackled titles they enjoy hmmmm?

5) There are too many scandals to list and far too many other issues that Percival Noel James Patterson could/should apologise to Jamaica for while he was PM.  One that is STILL a stain in my mind and thousands of other Jamaicans would be FINSAC.  The mere fact that we talk about the cruelty of slavery by the Brits should remind us how FINSAC destroyed, enslaved, imprisoned and shackled thousands of Jamaican families back into the dark ages.  How Patterson presided over the greatest destruction of the home grown Jamaican business person and fully endorsed Omar Davies every step of the way, reminds me what happens when a black man in a majority black country says, “black man time now” .  It helped to remind that it was indeed the elevated black man who put on the judgement and pressure on his fellow blacks working in the field with the whip constantly cracking.  PJ Patterson wants an apology from Cameron for slavery though he wasn’t a slave owner, but Patterson has never apologised for the capture, enslavement and destruction of black Jamaicans under FINSAC…not surprising.

6) Since apologies seem to work for the former PM maybe it is time we get an apology from him for the 1976 State of Emergency and Green Bay to name a few.  Maybe he should apologise for Nanny being named a national heroine, since the Maroons have a questionable place in the story of slavery.  Maybe Patterson should write to Portia Simpson Miller demanding an apology for her claim to have the “blood of Nanny, which would make her guilty of any atrocities committed by the Maroons during slavery…just like asking Cameron hmmm?  Guilty by association I guess.

7) While I might agree that an apology might be needed, is it that WE didn’t get one from Cameron, but the Germans did why we feel so upset? After all, we didn’t get one all this time long before Cameron.  And am I to believe that we must continue to use slavery as an excuse for our inability to make certain progress as Patterson would so love us to believe?  Jamaica had suffered far more at the hands of politics and the likes of Patterson et al than the memories of slavery could ever do.  Is our public health, housing, lack of social infrastructure, poverty, debt, crime all as a result of successive British PMs to not apologise for slavery?  Will anyone ask the BLACKS who helped to ensure slavery continued for centuries to apologise? Oh well that’s not really ‘history’ right?

8) I find it laughable and greatly hypocritical that a man who believes nothing is a shackle…except slavery…who has never apologised to his own people for HIS personal involvement in so many atrocities meted out to Jamaicans could so conveniently and politically correctly pen a letter to the British PM…then again, Cameron is white and worthy to be cursed and corrected…while we black folk are merely the remnants of slavery, right Mr Patterson Q.C.?  Are we any less worthy of an apology from you?

In all of this I wonder what the great academic mind of Percival Noel James Patterson thinks of an agreement for Britain to send prisoners to Jamaica while offering a sum to help build a prison…who knows, maybe getting an apology from Cameron would make that become yet another issue easily forgotten by the great historian PJ Patterson.

Rodney S. O. Campbell ©

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Many Views Through You


Too much porn, not enough stars,
Heart crush torn, got rough scars,
Drunk in bars, found a funk in cars,
She left me a bit for punk and pars,
Emerging from a complicated lust,
Submerged in darkly dilated trust,
Hiding signs behind her fine blinds,
Games and lines in between minds,
Ego got black to blue when I knew,
Any man seen she wanted to screw,
Thought her as loose just because,
My finger made her drop the draws,
But I was far worse than she saw,
Hid a cock in her worst friend’s jaw,

Upset one of those times I saw her,
Riding all shit out of a crime lawyer,
Wondered why I had failed to shout,
They saw me, both hightailed it out,
No words spoken made me believe,
Made my mind, packed up to leave,
Imagined many got bruised by you,
Short listed all who got used to do,
Chained my heart to a train wreck,
Pained by darts, paid a rain cheque,
Love, cloaked up or dressed to kill,
Get choked up saying I love her still,
I’m a prisoner locked into your soul,
A part of me is sharing your whole,
Teeth of light and dark chews anew, Seeing so many views through you,
But tonight…you’re beautiful to me.

Rodney S. O. Campbell ©

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One Don Responds To One Dust


Justin wrote to Usain:

Bro I made mistakes for a few days,
You won 100, 200 and in the relays,
Filled with silver, now I’m so pissed,
Even had to fire my old pharmacist,
Once again you took da triple slam,
Running on tha damn country yam,
You know I was just talking smack,
When I said I’d beat you on a track,
My muscles felt that tightening jolt,
Cuz I forgot you’re da lightning Bolt,
Hey in relays we were miles ahead,
I was so fast y’all were left for dead,
Got da baton to Gay soft and sweet,
Ok Little Mike couldn’t take da heat,
But if we were running side by side,
Nope, we wouldn’t get disqualified,
I’m gonna learn some cool tricks,
So by Rio I can run that mule 9.56,
So for now keep thinking you’re #1,
Next year we’ll see who’s the don.



Usain replied to Justin:

Yow Justin hear weh ah di fus ting,
Mi neva worried since mi mus win,
By di way, mi nuh waa yuh “bro” mi,
Wi nuh frien, yuh nuh really kno mi,
No matta how yuh try fi spin dis,
If mi get baton las yuh cyaa win dis,
Seriously tho ah weh unoo feel like,
Presha buss pipe pon Shorty Mike,
Hush fi di DQ, coulda plead or beg,
You shoulda face mi pon di last leg,
Yuh win di gold medal fi chat flak,
Freeze when yuh si mi touch track,
Cameraman alone kick weh mi foot,
Betta yuh try fi gold inna shot putt,
Yuh coulda cuss til yuh belly buss,
Shoulda try ah ting offa di discus,
One whole year yuh ah beat chest,
Chat, but all yuh win a second best,
ME ah di legend, nutten left fi prove,
So try nuh move or ketch mi groove,
Mi run pass yuh and di earth shake,
Yuh duppy frien talk bout mistake?
Yuh lucky mi nuh run weh yuh rass,
Mi ah Hugo Boss, nuh get mi crass,
Mi nuh tink, mi KNOW mi ah di #1,
Pon dis planet ME AH DI ONE DON.


Usain Di One Don

Rodney S. O. Campbell ©

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A Letter From The Lightning Legend


Waaa gwaan Jamaica? first of all,
Mi gold medal standard neva fall,
Big up all ah mi support shouters,
And nuff respect to all di doubters,
Whatever Jinx or di druggist thinks,
Mi neva fix up inna di mix up drinks,
Remember ah me rule di Bird Nest,
Run as di best as mi school di rest,
Dis time around ah my playground,
Mi ah di world boss pound fi pound,
While I can understand all di doubt,
Uno tink Druglin could get me out?
Outa my book him cyaa tek a page,
Ah me one rule pon di world stage,

Dem watch every ting weh mi eat,
Try fi beat mi wid a druggie cheat,
But mi tell dem seh God nah sleep,
Now see Druglin sow weh him reap,
All some big man lash hard fi learn,
Druggie run but dat crash and burn,
We all know how di ting stay a way,
So mi nah guh seh nutten bout Gay,
Jamaicans nuh throw in nuh towel,
Suh mi beg uno ease off ah Powell,
Nuh bodda ask mi bout di 200 race,
When mi bolt I nah watch nuh face,
Wi love di hater, but wi bun di faker,
Gotta run now…to di worl Jamaica!

Rodney S. O. Campbell ©

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